System Group

System Group is one of the largest private-sector software companies in the country, providing intelligent software solutions to businesses of different sizes (companies and organizations large, medium and small) working in various industries, helping to promote and develop their business faster.

Main activities of System Group:

  • Provide ERP software solution for large businesses; Rahkaran
  • Providing cloud software solutions; Cloud based ERP software
  • Provide software solutions for small businesses; Sepidar software
  • Provide software solutions for guilds; Dasht software
  • Providing integrated and web-based software for government and public-sector organizations and companies; Public Sector solutions
  • Providing office automation system
  • Provide cloud computing infrastructure systems
  • Providing training services, deployment, and support of software solutions 
    • Cloud-based software solution for medium-sized companies
    • Use a professional software solution at no extra cost

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    • ERP software solution for large businesses
    • Make the right decision in a timely manner with accurate and integrated information

    Link to cloud page

    • Software solution for companies and government organizations and the publi-sector
    • Have optimal management of organizational resources by increasing organizational productivity