Office in Office

With the Office in Office concept, AHK Iran offers German companies a cost-effective alternative to setting up their own representative office or subsidiary.

Our offer is based on the target to make it logistically easier for German SMEs to enter the Iranian market without major effort. Depending on their individual needs, SMEs choose the scope of their representative services for a fixed period of time and can also adapt their infrastructure according to the development of their projects in Iran.


The more extensive Office in Office Service offers a good possibility to maintain an office in Iran at a reasonable price and without own expenditure. The desired office and IT infrastructure such as telephone, fax, internet dial are simply chosen as needed.

It is also possible to provide the necessary office infrastructure for employees in the home or remote office.

Our Office in Office solutions includes besides the bookkeeping a full back office: Reception, incoming and outgoing mail, copier use as well as the use of our meeting rooms (according to availability).


  • Office with full facilities
  • IT maintenance / technical support
  • Internet
  • Server usage
  • Accounting and back office
  • Use of AHK Iran’s facilities and benefits

Our Post-Box service offers SMEs a virtual representation of the company in Iran.

The service includes a postal address under the roof of the AHK Iran as well as an own fax and telephone extension. Incoming correspondence is immediately forwarded to Germany. Telephone calls are received, documented and brought to the attention of the company during Iranian business hours.

Further, the customers use the conference rooms of the AHK Iran during business stays in Tehran after arrangement and availability without additional costs.

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