Business Partners

If you intend to start cooperation and business relations with German companies, finding a potential and reliable business partner for your business will be one of the most important steps.

In this service, according to your request, the chamber’s commercial advisors search for German companies active in the field of buying, selling or producing the product or goods you are considering and check the accuracy of the information provided by them separately. Then a list of these companies along with their contact information including address, website, email, phone and field of activity will be provided to you. In the next step, you decide whether you want to contact these companies directly or have the chamber consultants provide you with this service and communicate with German companies on your behalf.


After checking and selecting the target German companies, if you wish, you can leave the next step, the communication with the companies, to the chamber’s consultants. At this stage, we will first get to know more about you and your needs through face-to-face or online counseling sessions, and finally, we will contact the German companies you are considering. These B2B meetings can be to establish partnerships, find potential suppliers or buyers, obtaining production licenses and technology transfer, obtaining franchises, and other business matters.


One of the prerequisites for entering the international market is correct and worthy introduction of your company to the target companies. For this purpose and to know your company better, it is necessary to check the accuracy of your company’s information by the chamber’s experts. Then this information is translated into German and placed in the form of an official report with the seal of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Iran and Germany. You can use this form to present to German companies for the professional introduction of your company.

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Business Consulting

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