Market Study

The first step to entering the German market is to know the market in your desired area. For a confident entry into the German market, it is necessary to obtain sufficient information regarding the market volume, including the production and consumption of goods, the volume of imports or exports, producers and key stakeholders of a specific product through a thorough and thorough examination of the available data. The commercial consulting department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Iran and Germany supports you by analyzing market information in different formats.

If you want to receive specialized information about a certain market in Germany, including the volume of economic exchanges and foreign trade statistics, send the name of the product and the market you are looking for to the Chamber’s commercial advisors, relying on their experience and the information they have available. Provide a detailed analysis of your target market.

Also, the chamber’s commercial advisors are ready to provide detailed foreign trade statistics by weight, different currencies, periods, and other things, with a more detailed look at a specific product. All this information will be provided to you in the form of a detailed report.

Mina Moazzeni

Business Consulting

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